Pik-Nik KIDS TWILLER peelable cheese sticks are made of fresh mozzarella cheese, enriched with vitamins A and D, and real carrots. Vitamin D is crucial for normal functioning of bones, muscles, teeth and the immune system, while vitamin A not only helps to maintain a good vision, but is important for maintaining normal skin condition.

✓ Ingredients: cow milk, salt, ferment
✓ Reduced amount of salts
✓ 1 cheese stick – 1 glass of milk
✓ Source of protein (25.2 g/100 g)
✓ Source of calcium (82.5%/100 g *NRV)
✓ Source of Vitamin A (78%/100 g *NRV)
✓ Source of Vitamin D (100%/100 g *NRV)
✓ Mozzarella type of cheese
✓ No preservatives
✓ Vegetarian-friendly
✓ Global recognition
*NRV– nutritional reference value

WEIGHT 80g, 160g
INGREDIENTS Pasteurised milk, salt, acidity regulator – citric acid, microbiological enzyme, yeast cultures, beta carotene, vitamin D3
Storage temperature 0°C–6°C
100 g average nutrition value 100 g/ml
Energy value kJ/kcal 1208 kj/ 290 kcal
Fat, g 20,8 g
Of which saturated fatty acids, g 14,3 g
Carbohydrates, g 0,6 g
Of which sugars, g <0,5 g
Protein, g 25,2 g
Salt, g 1,3 g
Vitamin A, µg 194 µg (24%*RMV)
Calcium (Ca), mg 660 mg (82,5% *RMV)
Phosphorus (P), mg 350 mg (50%*RMV)
Provitamin A (from beta carotene), µg 432 µg (54%*RMV)
Vitamin D3, µg 5 µg (100%*RMV)